Collect and Measure Reviews at the Point of Service

Learn why brands like Subway, Westlake Ace Hardware, Pita Jungle, Hyatt Regency and others chose our simple, super fast rating kiosk!

Kiosk Features

Quickly measure your customers experience.

The ServiceGuru Kiosk captures customer feedback at the point of interaction, making it simple to collect valuable and actionable feedback about your staff and business.

Customized Attributes

Measure positive, neutral and negative attributes that affect your business.

Easy Setup

So simple to setup you will be up and running in just 30 minutes.

Robust Reporting

See who your top performers are and who needs additional training.

White Label

Use your branding and terms throughout the entire experience.

Measure and Store

Collect actionable feedback from customers about their experience.

Build Contact List

Allow customers to opt-in for special offers and marketing campaigns.

Private Reviews

Reviews are kept offline and private until you want to make them public.

Motivate Employees

Recognize top performers and identify potential service issues sooner.

Why Use Our Kiosk

With our Kiosk, you collect feedback at the point of experience as it happens. The kiosk is simple and fast, making it easier for your customers to review.

More reasons to use our Kiosk:

  • Collect More Feedback
  • Reduce Bad Online Reviews
  • Actionable Data
  • Faster Resolution

With immediate customer feedback businesses are able to more quickly respond to both positive and negative reviews.

Employees can aggregate their reviews into a Service Resume®.

Kiosk Case Study

Pita Jungle is a full service Mediterranean concept restaurant with 21 locations.


The following results were realized during the first 7-weeks of Kiosk operation at a single location.

# of Reviews obtained from all other online review platforms combined.

# of Reviews obtained from the ServiceGuru Kiosk

X (times) Increase In the Number of Reviews

Client Testimonials

“I have worked with a lot of different approaches to customer satisfaction ratings, this system has truly impacted and shifted our view on customer care. My associates want to receive their rating scores. I have had customers yell across the store “Evan you got a five from me!” My associates LOVE it and so do I!”

Velvet, West Lake Ace Hardware

“ServiceGuru has been instrumental in collecting meaningful feedback for us. We get significantly more reviews on the kiosk than anywhere else. Our team loves to see how they are doing. We rely on the kiosk so much more vs. review sites.This kiosk literally blows away anything and everything we have ever used. Huge amount of feedback, which is invaluable to us. Don’t think we could live without the kiosk now!”

Stephanie, AZ on the Rocks

A Few of Our Clients

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