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Welcome to ServiceGuru! Most likely you are reading this page because you were invited by your supervisor or the leadership of your company. You might be wondering what ServiceGuru is all about and how it will benefit you.

The ServiceGuru platform was built to make it easier for customers to provide feedback on their experience. The platform in its simplest form helps measure and improve customer service.

ServiceGuru helps businesses recognize great service and provide constructive feedback on how to improve. ServiceGuru helps employees get recognized for their great work, improve their customer service skills and accelerate their careers.

When you do get the occasional negative feedback it’s usually done in a constructive way with specific recommendations so you know how to improve. Typically over 90% of the feedback an employee receives is positive.

The Service Resume will show an amazing track record of customer service that can be shared with others so you can accelerate your career.

Sign up for a ServiceGuru employee account so you can take advantage of the platforms features and take control of your customer service career.

  • Update your information and photo – Upload your favorite headshot and make sure your details are up to date.
  • Access Your Team Leaderboard – See how your team compares and recognize the best in your colleagues. (Optional Feature)
  • See Constructive Feedback – ServiceGuru is designed to capture specific feedback (positive or negative) by allowing customers to choose significant attributes. Finally you can understand what you should keep doing and how you can improve.
  • Build Your Service Resume – Track your ServiceGuru stats and share your great reviews and ratings. (Optional Feature)