Improve online reviews.

The ServiceGuru kiosk collects 50x more ratings than online review sites, receipt surveys, email questionnaires, combined. Automatically prompt your happy customers to share their experience online. 

Measure customer service at the staff level.

Include images of your staff on the kiosk so your customers can provide feedback on the service they were provided. Find out why your top performers are great so you can train the rest of the team.

Understand your customers.

We use questions to understand not only how your customers feel (1 to 5 stars) but why they feel that way. When they review your employees, they can assign attributes like knowledgeable, friendly, professional. In addition you can ask any survey questions you like to gather important market research for your business. 

Feedback Matters.

Customer feedback is critical for improving your business. Too many organizations assume that they are providing a good customer experience because they’re hearing only occasional complaints. It’s dangerous to rely on customers to bring problems to you instead of proactively confirming that all is well. For every customer that complains, 26 leave your business and never come back. Most people avoid conflict, so give your customers an easy way to tell you how they feel with the ServiceGuru kiosk. 

Detailed Reporting

Automatically receive weekly emails showing overall satisfaction ratings, employee feedback, and location comparisons. Develop your own benchmarks and hold your customer service to a higher standard.

See how fast it is!

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Great for Any Customer Service Business

The statistics and data gathered from the kiosk speaks for itself in comparison to other avenues customers have online.  In 8 weeks, we received over 700 reviews vs. less than 20 from ALL other review outlets combined! Easy to use, takes up minimal space, and is highly effective in my field of work!!

Joe T.

General Manager, Pita Jungle