Pita Jungle improves already great service and online reviews with ServiceGuru!

Reviews per Month per Location


Higher Ratings on Google and Yelp

More Reviews than Yelp, Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor Combined

New Email Addresses

Pita Jungle Case Study


We placed a ServiceGuru Kiosk within all corporate Pita Jungle locations. The features selected included location and employee ratings/reviews, immediate missed expectation alerts, loyalty emails and survey module.


Pita Jungle saw dramatic results and improvement including:

  • Management received 52 times more ratings/reviews than Yelp, Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor combined
  • Average of 450 ratings/reviews per location per month
  • 13% higher ratings on Yelp and Google for the location using the ServiceGuru platform for 1 year (5.8% for 7 months) vs. locations not using the platform
  • Immediate improvement in customer service when the kiosk was deployed
  • Restaurant able to react faster to missed expectations – stop unhappy guests from going online
  • Captured over 2000 new names/emails for email marketing
  • Unheard of granularity of feedback from guests


We thought we were getting a lot of feedback and reviews. Holy cow were we wrong. It’s much easier to run each location on 500 ratings/reviews per month from our guests vs. 10. We had no idea what we didn’t know.

Bassel Osmani

Owner, Co-Founder Pita Jungle

Customer Profile


  • Full-Service Mediterranean Concept
  • 21 locations (Mix of corporate and franchisees)
  • 500 + employees