Improve Your Online Reviews by Improving Customer Service

Restaurants that use a ServiceGuru kiosk improve their online reviews and get over 50 times more ratings than Yelp, Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor combined. It’s about improving service.

50x more reviews than other methods.

The in-restaurant kiosk naturally gets high engagement because it’s in front of your customers when they’re thinking about you. We went further to design a process that was super fast and easy to use.

Measure customer service at the staff level.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. The ServiceGuru kiosk produces customer service data that is more representative (because of the amount you get) and actionable (because of the questions we ask). You’ll understand why your customers feel a certain way and how to improve your service.

Understand your customers.

We use questions to understand not only how your customers feel (1 to 5 stars) but why they feel that way. They review your employees and can assign attributes like knowledgeable, friendly, professional, etc.

Immediate notifications to resolve problems fast.

When your customer leaves a negative review on the ServiceGuru kiosk, you’ll receive an email with “IMPORTANT” in the subject line so you can take immediate action to resolve the problem before it hits the internet.

Collect emails/phone numbers to keep them coming back.

Collect emails and phone numbers through the kiosk to market to your customer base and keep them coming back. In addition, ServiceGuru can automatically text your happiest customers and make it easy for them to share their experience on your preferred review site (Google, Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor, etc.).

A Few of our Customers

The statistics and data gathered from the kiosk speaks for itself in comparison to other avenues customers have online.  In 8 weeks, we received over 700 reviews vs. less than 20 from ALL other review outlets combined! Easy to use, takes up minimal space, and is highly effective in my field of work!!

Joe T.

General Manager, Pita Jungle

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