Service Resume®

Let your employees take ownership of their customer service career.

Motivate employees to deliver outstanding customer service

The Service Resume® is a weekly report detailing an individual employee’s reviews and ratings. It’s direct feedback from customers that lets the employee know how they’re doing. The report is emailed to the employee and can track their customer service throughout their career. Because customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive with ServiceGuru, good practices are encouraged with positive reinforcement directly from customers.

Hire with confidence

Imagine hiring a new server for your restaurant. When you look at their resume you can see where they worked and perhaps what they did, but there’s no way to know how well they did it.

Recommendations and letters of reference can be biased and unreliable, but aggregated feedback from customers will show how you what kind of a customer service professional they are.

Weekly recognition and feedback

Most front-line managers struggle with feedback and recognition. When things are going well they say nothing. When things are going poorly, they delay that negative feedback because it’s uncomfortable. This leads to the problem getting worse and a more painful conversation to fix the behavior. The Service Resume® provides weekly feedback that recognizes the employee for what they’re doing great and shows where there is room for improvement at the earliest stage, making it a faster easier fix for the employee.

Let your employees know they’re doing a great job with feedback from your customers every week automatically.

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