8 Months. 8 Locations 

ServiceGuru Reviews

That’s 801 reviews per location per month.

Survey Questions Answered

That’s 488 survey questions answered per location per month.

New Email Addresses

For future marketing opportunities.


Increase in Reviews Posted to Google


Higher Ratings on Google

Someburros Case Study


Someburros is a fast casual Mexican food concept with 8 locations (soon to be 9). Customer service has been a priority for the business since its founding in 1986. They did not have a way to measure customer service and consolidate customer feedback across their growing number of locations.

ServiceGuru empowered Someburros to listen to significantly more of their guests, make sense of that feedback, and encourage their guests to share their experience online. Being able to recognize employees on the individual level underscores their commitment to their outstanding customer service. Recognition is the #1 factor in job satisfaction and happy employees create happy customers.


  • 51,278 ServiceGuru reviews. That’s 801 reviews per location per month.
  • 31,278 survey questions answered. That’s 488 survey questions per location per month.
  • 1600+ emails collected for future marketing opportunities
  • +5% increase in their Google rating.
  • +55% increase in the number of reviews posted to Google.

“We immediately recognized how ServiceGuru could help us to maintain our commitment to providing a great customer experience within our restaurants.”

Johnny Beerling

Operations, Someburros

Customer Profile


  • Fast-casual Mexican Food Concept
  • 8 Locations (Soon to be 9)
  • 144 FOH Employees