Someburros, a regional Sonoran-style Mexican restaurant with locations throughout the Phoenix metro area and Flagstaff, AZ, recently selected ServiceGuru to help the chain measure and maintain great customer service within all of their restaurant locations. ServiceGuru LogoServiceGuru Founder and COO Mike Vanderslice said, “We are so excited to have Someburros select the ServiceGuru kiosk to measure customer feedback within their restaurants. They are known for their awesome customer service and have quickly seen the inherent value in the platform”. Vanderslice added, “During our initial pilot we were seeing great customer service feedback and helped Someburros collect email addresses so they can grow their business and invite their happy customers back to their restaurant.” “We immediately recognized how ServiceGuru could help us to maintain our commitment to providing a great customer experience within our restaurants.” said Johnny Beerling, Operations Manager for Someburros. “The ServiceGuru kiosk will also help us to recognize great service by our staff who go above and beyond to treat our guests like family members.” Johnny added. ServiceGuru kiosks can be found within retail, restaurant, healthcare, hospitality and service based businesses from local to national brands. In addition to being able to quickly collect feedback from customers about their overall store experience, ServiceGuru also allows a customer to rate the service they receive from individual employees allowing businesses to better understand the service their staff is providing to its customers. About ServiceGuru ServiceGuru offers a kiosk based rating and review kiosk solution that helps company’s track, measure and improve customer service. Companies who use ServiceGuru receive on average 50X more feedback via the kiosk than online reviews, comment cards and other methods combined. Robust reporting allows managers and business owners to quickly see their top performers coupled with actionable data to drive change and improve customer service. ServiceGuru is based in Scottsdale Arizona. About Someburros SomeburrosSomeburros was founded in 1986 and is a family oriented authentic Sonoran-style Mexican restaurant with 8 locations in the Phoenix metro area as well and Flagstaff Arizona with plans for additional growth. Someburros is committed to providing great customer service and great food featuring slow-cooked meats, delicate sauces, fresh chili peppers, seasonal vegetables and homemade salsas wrapped in warm handmade tortillas proved a hit from the very beginning. There is no substitute for the family recipes’ delicate flavors and aromas. A list of Someburros locations can be found at