Customer Feedback Kiosk Updates

While your iPad should update to the latest version of the ServiceGuru kiosk app automatically, sometimes you have to take things into your own hands and do a manual update. It’s pretty simple and if you have worked with iPads or iPhones in the past you’ll be a pro at this. If you haven’t or just need some step by step directions, here is how you do it.

Step 1

Carefully pull the “Tell us how we did” border frame off the kiosk and press the home button on the front of the kiosk frame. The frame is attached by Velcro in each corner.

Step 2

After pressing the home button find the iPad App Store icon. Press this icon. 

Step 3

Find the option called “Updates” along the bottom of the screen. Select “Update” and once the ServicGuru icon shows up, click “Update” next to the ServiceGuru app. When the update is complete, please click on the app and make sure it shows “Version 5.1”. If your iPad is already up to date or after completing an update touch “Open” to start the ServiceGuru app again and replace the cover.